— Forest Park Women's Club's Scholarships Rules —

1. The Forest Park Women’s Club shall endeavor to award one or more annual scholarships to high school students who will become full time students at a school of higher learning within the colander year. Applicants must reside within the Winton Woods School District or be a child of a member of the FPWC.

2. The FPWC shall determine at its April meeting, the amount of funds available for scholarships. The Education Committee shall decide on the specific amount and the number of scholarships to be granted at the selection meeting in May.

3. One Application form and an evaluation form from each current teacher must be returned to the scholarship chairman of the FPWC not later then April 30th. Each application must be accompanied by a letter from the applicant stating his/her vocational and educational aims, a transcript of credits and SAT/ACT score.

4. The FPWC’s Scholarship Committee shall consist of not less than six members, including the chairman, no one of whom shall have an applicant in her family. Two members of the committee shall remain on the committee the following year.

5. Following the initial screening of applications for the top ten choices, scholarship winners shall be selected.

6. Scholarships are to be granted on the basis of 20 points each category as follows: leadership, academic, service, teacher’s recommendation, and letter from the applicant. Each shall be weighed equally.

7. When a member’s son/daughter reaches the final ten in judging, he/she will automatically be granted a scholarship

8. The Education Chairman shall notify the recipients of the awards. The School principal or guidance councilor shall be notified no later than May 15th.

9. A certificate reading as follows, shall be presented to the students receiving the scholarship at the appropriate time. “The members of the Forest Park Women’s Club take pleasure in presenting a scholarship to (recipient) granted in recognitation of outstanding achievement in scholarship leadership and character.”

A Community Recognition Award (non-monetary) can be presented to a student or students at the Baccalaureate exercise, if the president so desires. All Scholarship applicants are also eligible.

A check shall be presented to recipients at the award ceremony of the recipient’s school. The check will be mailed to the recipient in the event there is no appropriate occasion at the recipient’s school for presentation.

12. The Education Chairman will present all revision recommendations of the committee to the general membership for two consecutive meetings preceding the vote.
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