When a new president is elected, she appoints committee chairs for her year. Each chair then recruits (members sign up at the installation dinner) members for her committee. Meetings are held in the summer to plan the next year. Then the Board of Directors and committee chairs meet before the August meeting to coordinate all the departments.

Members may join one, several or all of the committees. Committee work is the backbone of the club. Participating on committees is the way to serve the community and get to know the other members.

Contact: The members of this committee serve as callers and email members each month to inform them of the meeting and any other information that the president wants announced.

Education: Members of this committee have the responsibility of voting on the scholarship winners. Any graduating senior living in the Winton Woods School District is eligible to enter. The winners are announced in May.

Hostess: This committee is responsible for planning the refreshments and decoations for each month’s general meeting and provides set up and cleans up duties.

Membership: Members of this committee take turns at the membership table each month and register members and guests. The committee chair will introduce guests and handle split the pot game and door prizes. They are also in charge of birthday cards and new club member installation.

Program: This committee is in charge of booking speakers and organizing other events for the club.

Projects: Members of this committee maintains charity projects for the club. Any member of the club can attend a project event. Some of the current projects are for Hospice, Children’s Medical Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, the One Way Farms, and Ronal McDonald House. Dates for each planed projects are listed in the yearbook.

Public Affairs: One-person committee will report on local political, school, economic or community projects.

Publicity: The committee will submit news releases and articles to the local media on the club’s activities and accomplishments.

Scrapbook: Takes pictures at events and records in a scrapbook for the president. The committee will present it to the presient at the Installation Dinner in May..

Social: This committee is responsible for planning fun monthly social events for the club. They also try to include one major excursion per year.

Technical Communications: This committee oversees the club’s webite, voice mail and incoming emails.

Ways and Means: This committee oversees fund efforts for the club, which includes our annual Craft Show and the making of “Kitchen Buddies.” See separate pages for more information.

Yearbook: This committee work together to make a yearbook each year for all paid club members. These yearbooks include the club’s general information, monthly meeting programs and social events, along with all club member’s names and addresses.
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Meetings are held every 3RD Thursday of the month at 7:00PM — September-May
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